Why should I hire a Blissful Royal Creation Wedding and Event Planner?

BRC has a warehouse full of creativity, choices, know-how, resources and the peace of mind knowing that your dream is our heart!

You will have peace of mind knowing that Blissful Royal Creations will plan the perfect wedding or event, tailored just for you. Planning demands a lot of time, attention and energy. Let Blissful Royal Creations do the work it takes to plan and prepare for your big day. Leave all the details to us!

These are just a few benefits of selecting Blissful Royal Creations to plan for you: 

  • Blissful Royal Creations will work within your budget and provide you with first class service within every budget.

  • Blissful Royal Creations is highly organized and will keep you on track.

  • Blissful Royal Creations will guide you through the event and provide you with honest advice.

  • Blissful Royal Creations will personalize your dream and tailor your event to suit your unique vision and purpose.

  • Blissful Royal Creations will show you the real meaning of bliss, harmony, royalty, dedication and contentment. You can kiss anxiety and frustration goodbye!

  • Blissful Royal Creations will negotiate with vendors on your behalf and resolve any conflicts should they arise.


What is the best time to choose a wedding or event planner?

  • The moment you start dreaming about your one of a kind occasion.

  • After you say "Yes" to your Prince Charming.

  • When anxiety intrudes every time you think about the event.

  • Before you choose a venue and vendors.

  • When you realize that you are stressed and need help!

If you dream of the perfect event but don't know how to make it happen; All you have to do is dream it and we'll make it blissful!


I need a wedding or event planner but I have a small budget?

At Blissful Royal Creations understands that most people have a budget. That is why we have variety of packages from which our clients can choose. When you secure Blissful Royal Creations to plan your wedding or event, you can have peace of mind knowing that we provide first-class service with every package. Please refer to our wedding services page to choose which package suits your needs.


How can Blissful Royal Creations make my wedding or event one of a kind?

Our primary focus is you, your family, your guests, and of course, you and your dream wedding or event. Your priorities are our priorities, and everything else is secondary. We love to hear about your visions and expectations so that we can work with you to design your personal brand for your special occasion.

For each of our celebrations we create flawless affairs by turning the ordinary into the extraordinary as we capture the often overlooked details of your affair. You’ll experience one-of-a-kind atmosphere that is pure bliss. The atmosphere will keep your guests excited and have your guests dancing all night. Please visit our inquire page and fill out a form for a free consultation.


I want to "Be Blissed!" - What do I do?

You’ve made the best decision ever for your event and you’re well on your way to a sweeter bliss. Just go to our inquire page and fill out a form to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to partnering with you as we transform your dream into a blissful reality.